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Anonymous asked: Hi! The code for your No Worries page is not available? I'd like to use it but url is not working or is it really not to be used anymore? Thank you :)

Oops! It’s still up, I’m just really inconsistent with updating links, I’ve fixed it now though. You can get the code here


W E L C O M E  T O  T H E  C O D E R S  C L U B
The Coders Club is a network for theme makers to share ideas, tips, resources, and just chat and be good friends. this desc is so lame


  • new friends
  • advice on your themes
  • people to help you when you need help
  • and more


  • mbf azurethemes which will be open on the 23rd, sorry im a perfectionist and sarahthemes (salazhar & heytonks's theme blogs)
  • reblog this post
  • you must be a theme maker, duh
  • fill up this form
  • this must reach 40 notes
  • reblogging ends august 4
  • we will choose 10-15 members

W H E N  A C C E P T E D

  • put the link of the network page on your blog
  • submit to either me or sarah a 250x250 pic and a description along with your email so we can add you to the chat blog
  • track the tag #thecodersclub


Creative Market : Free Gods of the Week / Spoon Graphics / Font Fabric / Lost and Taken / Dribble / Pixeden / Lost Type Co-Op / Freebiesbug / Codrops Tutorials

Because everyone loves free things, here’s another quick resources post. There are another handful of sites out there but these are the ones I check out most often.

My favourite is the weekly offers from Creative Market. Sometimes you come across goodies you wouldn’t have otherwise downloaded. But act quick because they change/rotate every 7 days! A few people asked about subtle seamless backgrounds, and Pixeden has some of my favourites. Freebiesbug is actually more of a collective site (to make browsing easier) but has the occasional exclusives. And I’m sure every theme maker has already heard of Codrops but they deserve a huge mention.

thecanarylance asked: Hi! I'm using your City about page and I wanted to ask you is it possible to change the color of the text and the links and how? Thank you :)


Hey there, it’s pretty simple to do this actually. 

First for the link names, scroll down in the code to where you see: 

margin-top: 15px;
background-color: rgba(211, 211, 208, 0.6);
background: rgba(211, 211, 208, 0.6);

and add in a line that looks like this:

color:#(whatever colour you want)

So it looks like this afterwards:

 color:#(whatever colour you want)
 margin-top: 15px;
 background-color: rgba(211, 211, 208, 0.6);
 background: rgba(211, 211, 208, 0.6);

As for the text, scroll down to where you see:


and then repeat the same steps as before. 



hey guys i really like themes so here’s stuff that i have for that

themes (mostly redux themes, in no order)
{ tukut | piikmin / pkmnblack2 | transapostate | dolleye | senpiez | reduxedits | koduck | maomu | tomkirk | peerrathemes | medicine | reduxthemes | shittierthemes | vulcanthemes | rotferkelthemes | owl-doll | basedthemes | borinq | starshrine | selmasthemes | yeageralert | toukos | yurimajesty | meroku | rillaz | drsofialamb | draftworu | zeldathemes | tiredpup | gumballtheprince | risahawkeye | zealpunch | he1975 | plurthemes | redspies | skywardsword | themes-are-rad | hiccupkind | zweilous | ashtonirwn }

{ unsplash | tukut | tomkirk | snaappy | toukos | chipsprites | pigletlouis | pastel-backgrounds | coroncina | oessa | maito | seers (pkmn) | subtlepatterns | odetotheorbeez | nasa | tsumdere | mannly | bakura | backgrounds-baby | sirenknights | tomhiddlcston | peekachiu | adventuresofjimmyneutron (2) | koduck | ernoticon | rillaz | nyooms | nyooms (2) | tukut (2) | germball | sceneriies | pixelscenery | backgrounds-bby | princess-leijon | pojii | anime-backgrounds | anime-backgrounds (2) | fetch-backgrounds }

{ engrampixel | pixel-diary | pixeliette | fruchtgummi | pixel-dreams | pixel-soup | adventuresofjimmyneutron | pixelsplease | squidderydoo | acnl everything from welcometoathena | pkmn gen 6 sprites from pkparaiso | all pkmn sprites from pokecheck | pokemon-personalities | studiopixels | perfect-pixels | pixelshiba | nonty | pixels—galore | pixel-fagg0t }

resource blogs (linked to their navigation pages)
{ squidderydoo | -jigglypuff | adventuresofjimmyneutron | 17px | yourreferences | skyref | rillaz | whatreference | pixels—galore }

{ 'theme decoration' masterpost from peerrathemes | cursor tutorial by asdfghjkl-tutorials | updates tab masterpost from ashtonirwns | cursor masterpost from suppisunthemes | music player how-to from zuvia | favicons from nonty | favicons from pixels—galore }


//5 hours later//

well there ya go. if there are errors, or if you want something of yours removed, send me a message. thanks guys!
header pixel by brbaltering


anime scenery masterpost! there’s a lot of them so i put in links to the full HD images. 

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

*note: if you set these as your tumblr background and get an error, you may have to reduce the size of the picture since tumblr only supports certain file sizes.

Theme #26 by Distressed themes: Better 
Notes → 

After a very long dry spell on the inspiration front, I finally had a burst of muse, and so I poured basically everything I had into this. I hope you like it. 

This theme comes in two versions, a light and a dark. I’d base your choice on your background but it’s up to you. 

Features → 
  • Light/Dark colour scheme.
  • Four links.
  • Option to hide or show permalink, tags and notes.  
  • Space for a short description (with a scrollbar).
Info → 

Preview one || Preview two || Code 

a masterpost of background masterposts


x | x | x | x | x | x | x | x

Anonymous asked: i would use your themes but you have adfly so too bad :) fuck you

Excuse me?

Must I remind you that I don’t have to provide themes at all? Especially for free? Like there are many theme makers that charge ridiculous prices for themes, and I’m not one of them, however I do spend a lot of time and effort making them and I don’t think it’s completely unreasonable for me to add a simple redirect link to my codes. Takes exactly five seconds to bypass, done. 

I’m trying to save up for university, and instead of charging ten, twenty, hell thirty bucks for a theme, I chose a better and easier alternative for both me and the people using my themes. If you have a problem with that, then I’m really sorry but I don’t want you using my themes anyway. 


A girl who’s trying really hard not to end this with a big fuck you too. 

(I’m sorry about this, to anyone reading this who’s been nothing but supportive of me, I love you guys. I’ve just had a really long day, or well, week. Got my wisdom teeth removed so I’m in a lot of pain. Got no sleep all week so I’m grumpy The last thing I wanted to do was sign on, ready to work on some new material for you guys only to be greeted with this. Sorry.)


page 02 // 90°


· simple all in one page with pop-up sections
· includes about, blogroll, tag/link, FAQ (optional) + ask box
· marked where to fill in the code for convenience
· general theme maker rules apply, please do not touch the credit
· late (again) and if you spot mistakes / need help do message me
· like/reblog if using, thank you!