Hey I know I haven’t been very openly active lately (i’ve been on but not posting much, i’ve answered off anon questions only) but that’s going to change soon i promise! I’ve got a lot planned, including a revamp of this blog, a url change and a ton of new themes coming your way. Stick this dry spell out with me for a little while longer it’s worth it I swear. 


An ongoing tutorial series for those who already have a basic understanding of making tumblr themes and hopefully find something new or different to try.

A while back I said I was going to post a tutorial on how to use custom fonts on tumblr. And what better time than now, after that latest update from Chrome is messing up font rendering.

Difficulty: CSS (easy) | HTML | JS
Extra Reading: @font-face rule, base64 encode, fallback fonts

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this is called the absolute navigation page bc it is ABSOLUTE. actually i intended for it to be a lot cuter but i got lazy and impatient. anyway, the reason it’s absolute is because it’s an about page, a links page, and an ask page all in one, but it looks super simple and clean. so basically you don’t need a ton of links on your blog, you can just link to this one page with everything on it. i didn’t set up a preview page because it’s not necessary. the code is also super simple to edit, just read through it, and if you still can’t figure it out you can ask just about anyone on tumblr with a bit of html know-how and they can help you.

to use it just copy one of these codes

B&W version code // pink version code

then go to tumblr.com/customize and scroll down to where you can add a new page to your blog. in the page settings select the custom html option, and then paste the code. then edit it as much as you like and fill it with all your tags and links and your life story.




jQuery (Tumblr) Photoset Grid (linked to here as well)

Koken (not tumblr related but for anyone planning on hosting a site or alike)

Lorem Pixel (I’m sure everyone is familiar with Lorem Ipsum, this is the image placeholder)

Coffitivity (my personal favourite - recreates a coffee shop vibe to help creativity)

CSS Beautifier


CSS Only Alternative to the Select Element

Custom Google Background (not theme related but I’m sure we have a lot of Google/Chrome users)

Wow this resource round-up is great. I’m definitely loving JS photoset grid and Koken!



Halftone Creator Photoshop Plugin

Clipping Magic (Online alternative to Photoshop that removes the background from images)

CSS3 Text-Shadow Effects (A project on CodePen, neat way to learn new tricks)

Magnific Popup (jQuery pop-up plugin)

CSS Tube Map by John Galantini

Free PSD: Flat File Icons

CSSmatic (Generator for gradients, border-radius, box shadow and noise texture)

Wooden Backgrounds & Textures (shared by ninpen)

GOOGLE CHROME UPDATED (and broke my fonts!)


In the past couple of days, Google Chrome has automatically updated their browser, causing a lot of things to break — and most importantly, they’ve completely re-imagined fonts. Some fonts are now oddly spaced and don’t fit correctly on lines anymore (for example, Calibri) and others are completely and 100% broken (for example, FinkHeavy from my #16 Turning a New Leaf theme). Also, as many of you can see, the symbols at the bottoms of posts in all retired themes no longer work and now appear to be letters.

Unless Google Chrome decides to release a new update to fix this problem, I don’t know if I can do anything to fix this problem. I have yet to find a good way to use fonts that aren’t hosted on Google Fonts. Now that I’m in college, I don’t have the time to go back and fix all of my retired themes, so right now I’m just hoping and praying that Chrome updates again.

I’m so sorry for the inconvenience, everyone. I’ll post another update on here if anything changes, but until then, let’s all internally hate Google Chrome for sucking all the fun out of everything. —Rachael


In this tutorial, we’ll be learning how to create jump pagnition for your theme. For those who don’t know what jump pagnition it, an here is an example (taken from my blog):


What you’ll need to know first: basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

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#b7ebe4, #b7ebd3, #c7f5d6



Each month I’ll be showcasing a theme maker on the front page of my blog. At the beginning of each month this post will begin to circulate to gain more notes. I’ll go through all the theme makers and pick a winner!

r u l e s :

  • must be following: 1 // 2
  • must be a theme maker!
  • reblog this to enter - likes are bookmarks

p r i z e s :

  • Featured on the front page of my theme + screenshot of most recent theme release (at the time of winning)
  • I’ll reblog your theme releases on both my blogs.
  • Promo when announced

I’ll be picking very soon! Everyone can still enter for next month though!

2,000+ pixels, backgrounds, banners!


so i tried to categorize them as best as i could, hopefully guys can find everything. everything pretty much goes with redux themes but you can use for whatever you want.

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